Public Consultation

A City Council that works for everyone… not just a few.

Public Consultation

By law, the Public must be consulted whenever there is a change in the Official Community Plan (OCP), on land development matters, on the City’s Annual Report, and on the City’s Financial Plan. Although the Public was consulted during the development of the 2017 OCP, the Public’s input was ignored (e.g., Lower Town Centre densification) and was unanimously approved.

Another opportunity for Public input is to hold a Question Period as part of the regular Council meetings. This gives the Public the ability to ask questions directly of the Mayor and Councilors.

One of the first orders of business that this Council did was to cancel Question Period and eliminate this opportunity altogether. (The previous Council, under Mayor Baldwin, moved Question Period to the end of the Council meeting.)

Democracy Direct White Rock objectives:

Expand the role of the Public in local government by increasing consultation opportunities.
Restore Question Period.
Hold Town Hall meetings twice a year where Citizens are allowed to ask questions of Council.
Make the Mayor’s annual “State of the City” address free and open to the Pubic.
Give more weight to the input of those who live in White Rock or own a business in White Rock.