Whistle Blower

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Whistle Blower

“Whistle blowing” – or “ethical reporting” – refers to employees informing authorities of suspected wrongdoing by his or her employer. British Columbia has legislation that provides protection against adverse employment consequences for anyone who reports a contravention under the legislation under some circumstances. Federally, Section 425.1 in Bill C-13, An Act to amend the Criminal Code, protects employees if they approach a person whose duties include law enforcement. They are not afforded protection if they contact a media source, or an outside agency, or advocacy group.

Although Staff was directed by Council to draft a whistle-blower policy for the City of White Rock, nothing has materialized in the years since the directive was made (initiated by Helen Fathers).

Democracy Direct White Rock objectives:

  • Review policies in other jurisdictions and establish procedures to manage disclosures by employees of the City of White Rock ensuring full whistle blower protection.